Friday, December 24, 2010

what I think after this semester.....

Merry christmas!
The time passed so fast...the 5th semester had already gone...
I so glad that my art keeps improving, including the skills and the ideas at the same time.
Whenever I look back to my previous works, they look so immature, like a child. Now, I think my work is at least a teenager.
I want and wish I can put all my energy to my artworks but I think I have to start thinking about the business things....I am not familiar with it and my personality doesn't good for it, too.
However, the only way to solve this issue is getting start, force myself to face what I am afraid of.
~My idol, Gackt teaches me that~

my oldest cat, BOBO

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  1. good idol =D i listen u+k to get me in the mood to persevere