Friday, December 24, 2010

what I think after this semester.....

Merry christmas!
The time passed so fast...the 5th semester had already gone...
I so glad that my art keeps improving, including the skills and the ideas at the same time.
Whenever I look back to my previous works, they look so immature, like a child. Now, I think my work is at least a teenager.
I want and wish I can put all my energy to my artworks but I think I have to start thinking about the business things....I am not familiar with it and my personality doesn't good for it, too.
However, the only way to solve this issue is getting start, force myself to face what I am afraid of.
~My idol, Gackt teaches me that~

my oldest cat, BOBO

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pulp Magazine Cover

Oil paint (9"x12")
First, I don't like this project although the instructor, Vincent Di Fate is really amazing...
Thus, I didn't really put my energy to it at all. I finished it within 2 days by oil paint.
However, it comes out really like a pulp magazine style... the use of primary colors, the diagonal composition, the general heroic theme...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Adult Avenue

Ink&Oil paint(11.5"x30")

This is the independent project from Sonja's class.

The story takes place at a subway stop, called “Adult Ave”. If one wants to get on the train at this stop, he/she has to accept a condition---NO REAL FACE EXPOSURE.

One day, there is little boy lost in the Adult Ave. When he is going to get on the train, a stranger stops him and says, “ Boy, you don’t belong to here unless you wear a mask.” Then, the stranger gives a mask to the boy generously. Should the boy take it or not?

It is my favorite project in this semester...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Brick Wall

Ink&Oil paint(18"x 24")
Project from Sonja's Class...As I mentioned in previous post, her class is different from others and I like her serious attitude to all student's art work. May be it is just some minor problem, but She would insist that you should fix it...and I like it!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Book Illustration Class

Oil paint (13.75"x 21.25" )

Another oil painting I did in this semester. It is for the Book Illustration Class. This is only the first page of the story, called "HELLO LULU"....there are 24 pages in total><" but it just requires to have one finished painting for the class. If I have time and not being lazy, I may paint one or two more pages in the winter break.

p.s. my website

p.p.s my dear Boosko, please come back to us. You are important to me.

The Thief

Oil paint (12" X 24")

undertone painting


My first oil painting in my life!!!!!!
I was so nervous in the beginning( I am used to) and worried about it can't be finished...but I didi it ><"so excited now!

Brochure assignment

Adobe Illustrator.
It is a character that always appears in my personal work.