Thursday, December 9, 2010

Adult Avenue

Ink&Oil paint(11.5"x30")

This is the independent project from Sonja's class.

The story takes place at a subway stop, called “Adult Ave”. If one wants to get on the train at this stop, he/she has to accept a condition---NO REAL FACE EXPOSURE.

One day, there is little boy lost in the Adult Ave. When he is going to get on the train, a stranger stops him and says, “ Boy, you don’t belong to here unless you wear a mask.” Then, the stranger gives a mask to the boy generously. Should the boy take it or not?

It is my favorite project in this semester...


  1. Sonja showed this to our class yesterday! I love the concept :3 it came out great

  2. thx^^
    What did Sonja say about it in your class?

  3. She used it as an example for what to do for the project XD She really loved it