Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Greetings from Cats" for "6 Degrees" Show at Light Grey Art Lab

My piece for the “6 Degrees” Show at Light Grey Art Lab. My piece depicted my five white cats at home. They moved with me to USA from Hong Kong six years ago and they are all biologically related. The cat at the bottom is the father, Bobo; then is the mother, Joyce; then is the daughter, Bebe; then is the son, Cathy(father: Bobo, mother is Bebe) , the top one is Dickie, (father: Cathy’s brother, mother: Cathy’s sister) Cathy and Dickie are lovers and they also have four kittens, but our family didn’t keep one. 
I hope you understand what I am saying… their relationship is kind of complicated.
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Package of all the postcards in the show was just received today from Light Grey Art Lab!

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