Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Rolemodels" at Light Grey Art Lab

Finally, I can show you the whole image, I did this like 4 months ago…
It is for the “Rolemodels” show at Light Grey Art Lab. It features a fantastic and diverse collection of alter-egos and fantasy self portraits of 99 creatives from around the globe. 
I depicted myself as a neutral evil cleric who could perform the voodoo doll magic, lived with a white phoenix within the frozen mountain. 
I am so glad to have a piece in this show with all others talented artists at Light Grey Art Lab. 
You can now see all the wonderful illustrations for this show here
You can purchase the card game here!

You can purchase a larger print here!
You can have a chance to win a FREE card game here!
You can attend the opening and the Halloween Party, details here!





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